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our  families  & previous kittens

"I want to start by saying how much I appreciate all the help, guidance, and genuineness from the amazing Naked City Sphynx family. The process of getting our new baby, Garnet, could not have gone any smoother. From the very beginning of the adoption process the communication was wonderful. Tomorrow our sweet baby Garnet will be four months old already! Her transition to our home was spectacular and she continues to develop her corky personality every day. She has already bonded so good with her sister Nestle (dachshund) and brother sugar (American short hair). We all play and cuddle our days away. We could not be happier with our experience and our new very special family member. Thank you so much for everything!!"

    Marasco Family + Garnet + Mochi  (Pennsylvania)


“After a week Paco and Luna are settling happily! When searching for a new baby can be scary, you're putting a large deposit down and your heart on hold until you can meet your new Baby and bring them home. Our experience with Naked City Sphynx has been nothing but Extraordinary, from the first private message all the way through the process of bringing our babies home. Pictures, Videos, to messages. Luna and Paco are more, then we had wished for. They are both so affectionate, loving and in great health. Naked City Sphynx did such a great job raising them, I can’t wait to send more potential family members to them to join our New Family! Thank you so much!!!"

Pelnis Family + Luna + Paco  


"I searched the internet for months trying to find a reputable sphynx breeder! I dug deep only to find out the wonderful world of "scammers". So needless to say, when I came across Naked City Sphynx in Maumee, Ohio, I was beyond thrilled! From my first conversation, I knew "Naked City" was the perfect cattery/breeder for me and my family! Kristy was so patient answering all of my questions, and I had many. The adoption process went smoothly and was definitely the easy part. Now can we talk about the wait time? Haha. The contract makes it very clear that the kittens need to be 12 weeks old before "pick up"! Oh my. This is by far the hardest part, but again Kristy made it actually enjoyable with all of her messages and photo updates. She truly keeps you so involved, I fell in love with Fiona (Georgie) before I even laid my eyes on her. Fiona is now in her new home and adapting so well! I love her beyond words and will forever be grateful to Naked City Sphynx for being so PURRFECT!" My family is very fortunate to have received two little ones from Naked City Sphynx. Our last little Elf, Phoebe is now 6 months old and doing so well! I actually believe there is no better testimony than going back to this Cattery a SECOND time, and possibly a third! (Do not tell my husband haha). We are 100% satisfied with the adoption process with Kristy. As a matter of fact, I believe I could qualify for one of Naked City Sphynx's fav fan. Haha I am obsessed with this breed, Kristy is a premiere breeder. If you are reading this review and have any questions for me regarding my adoption experience, I would be more than happy to answer them. Get my number from Kristy. You will not be disappointed. I am beyond in love with these naked babies!"

Britton Family +  Fiona  +  Phoebe  (Ohio)


"Where to begin? I started looking into owning a sphynx, maine coon, or savannah kitten a little over a year ago. As natural progression would have it I also joined a sphynx group via Facebook and stalked almost every post about people's precious babies. I believe someone suggested Kristy to me or maybe I stalked so hard I ended up on her page. To be honest I am not even sure how I cam across Naked City Sphynx because they have made me feel like I was a part of the family since the moment I applied for consideration for one of their babies. Might I add that the process was almost a little intimidating, because why do you need to know anything specific about me, I want a cat, you have one, so take my money, right? WRONG! They were so thorough and specific about the information they needed to know to ensure the purchaser would be providing an adequate home for their littles that the intimidation melted away quite quickly. If I was serious about acquiring one of these adorable but high maintenance kitties I would be willing to jump through hoops of fire, and so I did. Responded to their inquiries and made sure to provide as much information as possible that is, as I soon realized it was not about money for them which I assumed it was, which was poor judgement on my behalf. Kristy made sure to answer every question, provided pictures, was completely approachable even when I felt I was being a nagging obnoxious first time cat owner, which I am, she held my hand and made me feel comfortable. I drove from Louisiana to Ohio to pickup my baby, and numerous times before making the trip I questioned if this was even the right thing to do. After all $2,000 was a lot to spend on a CAT. I never told Kristy about my doubts, as I would often receive a photo of my baby which they hit hard. I took this as a sign to mean that this was meant to be and I would have never driven so far or handed over that much money to anyone who made me feel like THEY were not a good person. It was as much about the interaction with her as it was about purchasing the cat to begin with. My baby came home socially prepared, litter box trained, micro-chipped, and with a cute goodie bag. I would not change anything about the process, from having to be  screened to apply, to the bombard of questions I hit Kristy with, to driving 28 hours out of 48 there and back to pick up my precious little love bug. I am actually considering getting another one already for my baby to have someone to play with. Naked City Sphynx has proven to be an awesome Sphynx family to join and if I had to choose to do it over again with a cheaper closer cattery, I would still go with them no questions asked! They are the best and I find myself recommending them to any and everyone that asks about my baby and those who don't."

                                                                       Collins Family  +  Niklaus   (Louisana)


"She loves her cats and they are a part of the family and very well taken care of. I have 2 now she showed me all HCM scans and gave me a 18 month health guarantee and even answers any questions I may have."

Ratliff  Family + Thalia + Rex + Castiel + Amberle 
(South Carolina)


"After an awful experience with a different breeder, I went with a friend to pick up her new naked from Kristy. Needless to say while I was there, I put a deposit on one myself. I already had two at home but apparently needed more! Our little Harvey fit right in at our home. He's the softest sphynx I've ever pet. He's always so cuddly. My kids adore him and vice versa! Highly recommend Naked City

for your next naked baby."

 Nickens Family + Harvey (Ohio)


"Absolutely amazing breeder. I don't have enough good things to say! I bought 2 siblings and they're just the most perfect fit to our family. I've had 2 previous bad experiences before meeting Naked City Sphynx and Kristina just went above and beyond to make sure our experience with her was perfect. I can't wait to keep adding to our family from Naked City Sphynx! Would 100% recommend this breeder over and over!"

Robertson Family + Calliope + Ripley + Piper (Ohio)


"Absolutely the best in the industry! I couldn't imagine not having Morticia, now that I have her. Amazing breeder that takes great care of their cats."

Drew Family + Morticia & Wednesday (Ohio)


"We welcomed our beautiful sphynx kitten, Cinder into our family in January 2021. She was born on October 18, 2020 at the home of Naked City Sphynx Cattery. The breeder Kristy was wonderful from day one! She loves all of her kitties and spends so much time and energy making sure they have the absolute best start in life. Kristy provided me with so much information and continues to stay in touch checking in on our little girl. Whenever I have a question she responds promptly and I truly appreciate her. If you're considering adding to your family, I highly recommend Naked City Sphynx."

DiCarlo-Litz Family  +  Cinder   (Ohio)


"We brought our dwelf kitten home at the end of September of 2021. We decided to purchase a kitten from Naked City Sphynx several months before then and Kristy was so wonderful through the whole process with us. She was up front about everything. I got so many updates on our baby, Loki, while we waited to bring him home. I got to pick him up in person and see her kitten room. I was so relieved and confident with how professional she was and how well taken care of all her cats and kittens are. Our kitten has been amazing. It is obvious that they are socialized well with other animals and people before they go home. We couldn't be happier with his behavior and loving nature. If or I should say when I get another naked one day I will definitely be using Naked City Sphynx again.

They made this whole process go as smoothly and worry-less as possible."

Clegg Family  +  Loki  (Michigan)


I'm located in California and Naked city sphynx really went above and beyond constantly showing me photos and keeping me updated through the whole adoption process! Even till this day they help me out with knowledge when my lil hairless baby gets sick or any other helpful tips! I highly recommend. They are VERY responsive and my little pidgey so super cute and super loving! She has a great personality!

Jayne family + Pidgey (California)



After coming across their page, i decided to take the leap and put down a deposit on the sweetest-looking tiny elf kitten, sending money to an almost-complete stranger. My first ever experience with sphynx, but i made sure to do a lot of reading about them before hand. Prices were comparable to other catteries i looked into, but there was something about the care and attention she showed in our first conversations that gave me a really good feeling. I loved all the updates and answers to my questions while i waited for the day i could meet him. i took an even bigger leap, and hopped on a plane to detroit a month later, where they graciously met me at the gate. we spent quite a bit of time going over lots of paperwork, a ton of my questions, and i flew back home shortly after with the sweetest kitten, while not even having to leave the airport. poe is now coming up on a year old, and is a massive light in our family. everyone who meets him is smitten, and even our vet says its the most well-tempered, sweetest sphynx she's ever met. since then, every single question or concern that i messaged with was answered within a few minutes. with her help and advice, poe has grown from the tiny runt of the litter to a strong, healthy picture perfect cat. she genuinely cares about the breed, her kittens, and the brand she's built. very responsible breeder who puts the health of her cats first. 1000% recommend.

taylor Family + Poe (South carolina)



I purchased my kitten, winston, from nakedcitysphynx and the experience has been amazing! Kristy's always accommodating when it comes to questions and you can really tell that she cares for each kitten/cat. my winston's so sweet and well-behaved; you can tell he was raised in a safe and friendly environment. very glad i got my first sphynx from her cattery!

Oleson family + Winston (Michigan)



Naked city sphynx is wonderful. i got my baby roscoe from them last year, and i have nothing but good things to say about the experience. kristy is kind, knowledgeable, and extremely devoted to her cats. she was always quick to respond to any questions and provided excellent advice in terms of caring for my new kitty, as he is my first sphynx. i picked him up from her home and it was very evident that every cat in her care is loved and doted on - it was cat heaven. i would highly recommend naked city to anyone looking to add a sphynx to their home.

Smith family + Roscoe (Michigan)


I have one of their beautiful cats. i have always wanted a sphynx. i went to see the cattery and i was in kitty heaven! i would definitely recommend them. kristy is very helpful with anything you need to know. she's very professional and takes her business serious. the cats are very well taken care of. i could tell she loves them all like they are hers. i'm so in love with my sphynx. he's super affectionate and a very good cat. i wouldn't recommend getting your sphynx from anywhere else. best place hands down!! you will find a great cat with them!!

Klosinski family + Tatum (Ohio)



Cattery Business Reviews


"Naked City Sphynx has unique and beautiful cats! The owners are always on the lookout for the best genetics to ensure the kittens are healthy. They also take the upmost care to ensure the kittens are safe and have the best care. I would buy a kitten from them any time"
-Kayla K. (Ohio)

"Cutest Sphynx Kittens. Very conscientious breeder, always willing to give good advice to other breeders. Very knowledgeable about genetics, tests all her Queens and Kings for genetic diseases as well as characteristics, and gives yearly HCM scans. She raises the kittens with the family so they are well socialized and cuddly. Tests them for FIV/FELV. and worms them. Naked City Sphynx also has a wonderful health guarantee on their kittens. They take time with each and every potential new cat parent, to make you comfortable and secure in owning a new Sphynx Kitten."
-Sandra B. (Ohio)

"Responsible owners.. They are really nice cats"
-Tabitha (Russia)


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